Hi, we have prepare new premade design for thank you card or price tag.

Contact us now at 0132910585 to start design and print your price tag or thank you card.

Why pre-made design?

  1. Save time
  2. You already know how your sticker’s result look like
  3. Pick and go!

design-1-price-thank-you-card-tag-malaysia-murah-2016 design-2-price-thank-you-card-tag-malaysia-murah-2016 design-3-price-thank-you-card-tag-malaysia-murah-2016 design-4-price-thank-you-card-tag-malaysia-murah-2016 design-5-price-thank-you-card-tag-malaysia-murah-2016 design-6-price-thank-you-card-tag-malaysia-murah-2016

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