Hi, need a name card, but doesn’t know which material that suit you?

Ok, let us explain all kinds of paper that we used for the namecard / business card / thank you card / price tag.

NOTE: we only use a HIGH quality materials (even for the cheapest one). Hence, feel free to choose any material based on your budget and preferences.

1. Art card

A high-quality type of paper having a smooth coating. If you in budget, you can pick this material for your card.


2. Gloss Lamination

Lamination can be a liquid that dries to a tough gloss or dull surface, or it can be a film. Both adhere to the surface to protect it and give it a sheen or a muted effect. The effect could be glossy, dull, or even satin (a look that’s in between glossy and dull).

Gloss lamination will give a glossy effect to your card.


3. Fine Linen

Fine linen material have some texture in its surface, as picture below:



And this material is not easily scratch.

4. Matt lamination

This is the most famous (often picked by our customers) because it got one more layer (matt lamination) that will prevent the card from being damaged when exposed to water.


Please refer the picture below (hehe, siap buat demo ok):

a. I try to put a drop of water on the card


b. After a minute, i wipe away the water


c. And here the result, tadaaaa the card is still in good condition


5. Matt Lamination with Spot UV


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