Hi, currently I got many order for Flyers Design from many shop owner to promote their business. And yes, flyers is also a good marketing strategy to expand your business or to reach your customers.

Today, I will share with you the process and logic of designing a basic but attractive flyer.

The main factors that influence the whole flyers look was:
1. Picture
2. Typography
3. Content Arrangement
4. Color combination


1. The Content

Determine your goals for this flyers. Make it simple. The same basic rules apply here: less is more. People doesn’t like to read a flyers with a large chunk of text. Very few people are going to glance at it for more than a half of a second.

“Your goal then should be to pare down all of the necessary information into easily-digestible chunks.”

2. The Image

Image is playing an important roles for your flyers look. Find a nice and high resolution image for your flyers. You also can get a free and high res photo HERE.

3. Typography

Choose a right font for your flyers. The font must be readable and appealing when displayed. You can combine a few font types but make sure up to 3 font types only. Else, it will look messy.

I will update a new post to share the list of suitable font to be used for your flyers, name cards, wedding invitation cards and website. Different category, different font type.

4. Color Combination

Play with the colors. Check out http://www.colorcombos.com/ . The already list a bunch of color combination, just choose and pick your favorite.

5. Content Arrangement


Flyer Poster A5 PSD Mockup




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