In product marketing, the first impression is real important. Hence, the label sticker is playing a big role for the product’s look.

We offer a design and printing service for the sticker label.

But, do you know the right sticker’s material that suit your product?

We have 2 different materials for sticker:
1. Mirrorkote
2. Transparent

Transparent sticker is slightly pricey compare to the mirrorkote sticker. Many shop owners prefer to order the transparent sticker as they think it will make the product’s appear to be great quality, very easy to apply, and look great!

YES, that is absolutely TRUE!

But, you need to make sure that your product suit the transparent sticker.

Firstly, the container color.
Secondly, the color of the product content.

A dark container color suit mirrorkote sticker more, and a bright container color suit both.

For example, one of our customer choose to order a transparent sticker from us, and it turns out not clearly visible. (We did not know that the container cover is in black color)



Hence, we suggest our customer to reprint the sticker by using the mirrorkote material and use the transparent sticker to their paper bag.



p/s: customer choose to print a paper wrap using the same design and put the transparent sticker on it. And finally it looks damn pretty!!! and exclusive. hehe

Transparent Sticker


Mirrorkote Stiker




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